Spay and Neuters

Benefits of spay and neuter surgeries include:


  • Prevent the euthansia of unwanted puppies and kittens
  • Help prevent cancers and infection of the female reproductive tract
  • Limit roaming, especially by male dogs and cats looking for mates
  • May prevent behavior problems such as urine marking and aggression


Common Myths about spaying and neutering:


  • Sporting and working dogs will not perform as well when spayed or neutered. Cats will not hunt as well when spayed or neutered–FALSE.

Animals often perform better when hormonal influences are removed.

  • It is important for my dog or cat to have one litter–FALSE.

There is no reason for a dog or cat to have a litter. Pets do not have maternal or paternal desires and they will not “miss” having babies.

  • My pet will not grow as large if spayed or neutered–FALSE.

In some cases, growth plate closure may be delayed by spaying or neutering and these animals will actually grow taller.

  • My children will enjoy watching our dog or cat have babies–FALSE.

Cats prefer to be secluded when giving birth and may halt birthing if interrupted. Some dogs, especially small breeds, may have difficult births that may require veterinary intervention or cesarean sections. Birth may be dangerous to the health of your dog or cat if you are not properly prepared. If you want your children to witness birth, is better to show them a video or visit a farm or fair.

  • My pet is so great, I want another one just like him/her–FALSE.

It is unlikely the offspring of your pet will be just like their mom or dad. Also, keep in mind you are unlikley to get just one more and will need to find good homes for the others you cannot keep.

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