A Final Act of Caring

As you face the painful decision about euthanasia, be assured that the trust your pet has in you is well-placed. The compassion that compels you to end the life of your animal friend is a final act of caring-a final act of love.

Listed here are several options that Bass Lake Pet Hospital offers to help you during this important time.

Euthanasia: You may choose to be present or absent for your pet’s euthanasia. The doctor will administer a sedative to your pet, waiting several minutes for it to take effect. When your pet is sleepy, the doctor or a veterinary nursing staff member will prepare a site on one of the legs for the IV. In some cases a catheter is placed into the vein. When everyone, especially you, are ready, the doctor will administer the euthanasia. Your pet will slowly drift away. The doctor will monitor vitals and inform you when your friend has passed. We can, at this point, leave you alone for awhile with your pet.

A Paw Print: Our nursing staff can make a keepsake paw print out of modeling clay for you to take home. We send these with instructions for hardening the clay. If you want a paw print, just let our staff know. We do not charge extra for this.

Taking the body home: Our staff will assist you with properly wrapping your pet’s body. It is recommended to have an appropriate sized box for smaller pets. Large dogs are best wrapped in a good sized blanket. We can help you leave the clinic through the back entrance if you wish to avoid our waiting room. Please check with your city to assure pet burial is permitted.

Group Cremation: Our Pet Cremation Service is operated by the Veterinary Hospital Association. For more than 20 years, VHA has provided dignified, caring and reliable cremation services. In Group Cremation, multiple pets are cremated together and the ashes are not returned to the owners.

Individual Cremation: The pet is cremated individually and the ashes are returned to the owner through Bass Lake Pet Hospital. We generally have the ashes back in about a week. There are a range of urns and containers available for purchase. You will need to look in the VHA’s book to select one. Often owners will choose to have the ashes returned in a simple cardboard box. You may then bury or sprinkle the ashes or transfer them into a container of your choice.

Home Euthanasia: Although the majority of euthanasias occur at the clinic, some clients would like this service to occur at the pet’s home. The doctors at Bass Lake Pet Hospital are all experienced with helping you to achieve this goal. You will need to set up the time for a Home Euthanasia directly with one of our veterinarians. We may accommodate this service during all times of the workday or after hours.

Cost: Charges will vary depending on the services desired for your pet. Please feel comfortable talking with any of our staff members. There is no single right way to deal with this time in your pet’s life. Whatever is respectful, whatever brings a measure of comfort and closure to your life together, is the appropriate thing to do.

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