Rick Cameron - DVM and Owner


I received my undergraduate degree from Mankato State University and from there attended the Veterinary College at the University of Minnesota. Graduated in 1984. I worked in Corcoran, Minnesota right out of school for several years, then was fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase Bass Lake Pet Hospital. One of my first clients put a very sick little pet on the exam table and asked me to make it better. “What is it?” I said. Turned out to be a ferret. So began many years of continuing education from exotic small mammals to orthopedic procedures like TPLO. And I must admit I enjoy staying current and learning new things. In 2001, I walked into an Arthur Murray dance studio and said I wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. By the way, “Dancing With The Stars” was not yet on TV. I probably like tango the best.    Oh, one other thing, I like to golf   whenever I get a chance.

Graham Engle - Veterinarian


Dr. Graham Engle is a 2014 graduate from the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine. Graham is a California native and received his undergrad BS degree in kinesiology from Westmont College in 2003 in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Graham got a job as a technician assistant shortly after graduating from Westmont and found an intense love of working with animals and medicine. He worked as a veterinary technician from 2003 until 2012 (with 3 years at Bass Lake Pet Hospital). 2007-2008 was spent traveling Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia with 6 months of teaching English, Math, and Health to Thai 8th graders. Graham has a wife, two young children, and two big dogs. He has been in Minnesota since 2005 and has developed a deep fondness for this state (except for last winter!). Whatever free time is left is most enjoyed spent scuba diving, playing frisbee golf, sailing, reading, barbecuing, and finishing house projects. Dr. Graham's special interests of veterinary medicine include internal medicine, surgery/rehab, dentistry, and medical imaging.

Margaret Gordon - Veterinarian

Margaret Gordon

Dr. Gordon has been a small animal veterinarian since 2002, receiving her degree from The University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine with honors and an award for excellence in small animal medicine.

Dr. Gordon practiced full time in Brooklyn, NY from 2002-2008 and has practiced part time relief work for Bass Lake Pet Hospital and other hospitals in the greater Twin Cities of Minnesota since moving to Minneapolis and starting her family in 2008.

With over 15 years of experience in small animal medicine in a variety of hospitals, Dr. Gordon has a deep understanding of medicine and surgery but also knows every single owner’s bond with their pet is precious and her care is informed by this principle. Dr. Gordon has a special interest in caring for cats and dogs that are emergently and critically ill and in the chronic care of senior patients. But, she has also been known to unabashedly baby talk to a puppy or kitten, or two.

Dr. Gordon credits her skills to her inborn, true love of all animals, but also to her outside interests. A marathon runner and a certified yoga teacher, Dr. Gordon knows how important it is to stay physically and emotionally healthy in a challenging career.

A few more personal details include: Born and raised in New York City, Margaret first got to know the Twin Cities at her alma mater Macalester College during her undergraduate years 1992-1996. Margaret lived in Greece for a year during college studying archaeology. Margaret loves Bass Lake because they are like family, the staff enjoys each other and laugh together, plus it is kept very well organized! Margaret loves to binge watch really good tv, once in a while.

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